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  • Purpose: Make Catholic documents available to all.
  • Who is all? Includes students, catechists, clergy, including and especially for people with vision or cognative disabilites.
  • What documents?
    • Missal
    • Catechism
    • Lectionary
    • Roman Rites
    • Breviary
    • Non-copyrighted source material
  • Publishing formats
    • Web (HTML)
    • eBook
    • large print
    • braille
  • Uses
    • liturgy
    • research
    • prayer


  • The Church sees these media as ‘gifts of God' which, in accordance with his providential design, unite men in brotherhood and so help them to cooperate with his plan for their salvation”.[5] [7] Communio et Progressio, n. 10.
  • Church leaders are obliged to use “the full potential of the ‘computer age' to serve the human and transcendent vocation of every person, and thus to give glory to the Father from whom all good things come”.[45] [1]

Large print of Lectionary