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1962 Second Vatican Council Convened
1971 General Directory of Catechesis Congregation for the Clergy Congregation for the Clergy PCCD
1971 To Teach as Jesus Did USCCB PCCD
1973 Basic Teachings for Catholic Religious Education USCCB PCCD
1975 Evangelii nuntiandi Apostolic Exhortation (Paul VI) PCCD
1979 Catechesi tradendae Apostolic Exhortation (JP2) PCCD
1979 Sharing the Light of Faith USCCB PCCD
1981 Familiaris consortio Apostolic Exhortation (JP2) PCCD
1984 Reconciliatio et paenitentia Apostolic Exhortation (JP2) PCCD
1986 The Challenge of Adolescent Catechesis USCCB PCCD
1988 Adult Catechesis in the Christian Community COINCAT PCCD
1988 The Christian Initiation for Children of Catechetical Age USCCB PCCD
1990 Guidelines for Doctrinally Sound Catechetical Materials USCCB PCCD
1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church Papal Commission PCCD
1997 General Directory for Catechesis Congregation for the Clergy PCCD
1999 Our Hearts Were Burning Within In USCCB PCCD
2005 National Directory of Catechesis USCCB PCCD
October 2005 Eleventh Synod of Bishops dealing with the Eucharist Three concerns were addressed: theological [doctrine & catechetical] ethical, and aesthetical. Post-synodal exhortation, SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS, issued by Pope Benedict XVI.
2013 Evangelii gaudium Apostolic Exhortation (Francis) PCCD
year event detail category

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