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Title: Jesus of Nazareth


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An Initial Reflection on the Mystery of Jesus 1

Chapter One: The Baptism of Jesus 9

Chapter Two: The Temptations of Jesus 25

Chapter Three: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God 46

  • Both evangelists (MK 1:14-15 and MT 9:35) designate Jesus' preaching with the Greek term evangelion.
  • The modern translation "good news" is not adequate. The messages issued by the emperor were called in Latin evangelium regardless of whether or not their content was particularly cheerful of pleasant. The idea is what comes from the emperor is a saving message, that is not just a piece of news, but a change of the world for the better.
  • ...we would say that the evangelium is not just informative speech, but preformative - not just the imparting of information, but action, efficatious power that enters the world to save and transform.
  • The core content of the Gospel is this: The Kingdom of God is at hand.
  • The phrase "Kingdom of God" occurs 122 times in the NT
  • A look at how the word Kingdom has been used in the history of the church. Church fathers identified 3 dimentions:
    1. Christological - Origen ... called Jesus the autobasileia, that is the Kingdom in person. Jesus himself is the Kingdom: the kingdom is not a thing, it is not a geographical kingdom... it is a person
    2. ..."idealistic or or mystical interpretation... Origen said "those who pray for the coming of the Kingdom of God pray without any doubt for the Kingdom of God that contin in themselves, and they pray that this Kingdom might bear fruit and attain its fullness.
    3. ... the ecclesiastical: the Kingdom of God and the Church are related in different ways and brought into more or less close proximity. The church was [came to be] regarded as the actual presence of the kingdom within history.

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Chapter Four: The Sermon on the Mount 64

  • The Beatitudes 70
  • The Torah of the Messiah 99
  • "You Have Heard That It Was Said . . . But I Say to You . . ." 99
  • The Dispute Concerning the Sabbath 106
  • The Fourth Commandment: The Family, the People, and the Community of Jesus' Disciples 112
  • Compromise and Prophetic Radicalism 122

Chapter Five: The Lord's Prayer 128

  • In Matthews gospel, [h (Mt. 6:5-14)] the Lord's Prayer is preceded by short catechesis on prayer. It's main purpose is to warn against false forms of prayer. requires the discretion that is essential to a relation of love.
  • ... prayer is not only persona. The Our Father itself a prayer uttered in the first person plural, and it is only by becoming part of the "we" of God's children that we can reach up to him beyond the limits of this world in the first place.
  • The "we" of of the praying community and the utterly personal intimacy that can be shared only with God are closely interconnected.
  • Our Father Who Art in Heaven 135
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name 142
  • Thy Kingdom Come 145
  • Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven 147
  • Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 150
  • And Forgive Us Our Trespasses, as We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us 157
  • And Lead Us Not into Temptation 160
  • But Deliver Us from Evil 164

Chapter Six: The Disciples 169

Chapter Seven: The Message of the Parables 183

  • The Nature and Purpose of the Parables 183
  • Three Major Parables from the Gospel of Luke 194
  • The Good Samaritan (Lk 10:25¿37) 194
  • The Parable of the Two Brothers (the Prodigal Son and the Son Who Remained at Home) and the Good Father (Luke 15:11¿32) 202
  • The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Lk 16,19¿31) 211

Chapter Eight: The Principal Images of John's Gospel 218

  • Introduction: The Johannine Question 218
  • The Principal Johannine Images 238
  • Water 238
  • Vine and Wine 248

Bread 263 The Shepherd 272

Chapter Nine: Two Milestones on Jesus' Way:

  • Peter's Confession and the Transfiguration 287
  • Peter's Confession 287
  • The Transfiguration 305

Chapter Ten: Jesus Declares His Identity 319

  • The Son of Man 321
  • The Son 335
  • "I Am" 345

Glossary 357

Bibliography 365

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Type of material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
Personal name: Benedict XVI, Pope, 1927-
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