Large print of Lectionary

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Process #1

  • Goto USCCB web and select the desired date from the Daily Readings Calendar
  • Select the desired text and Copy it
  • Open MS word and create a "new a blank document" and paste the text.
  • Select all of the text and change font to 254 pt. APHONT
  • Select Line Spacing options and change Line Space dropdown to "Multiple" and "at: to "1.5"
  • Select Margins and change margins to: Top .75, Bottom .75, Left .75 and Right .5
  • Select "Header" and paste in the Lectionary reference e.g. "Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 115"
  • Remove the word "Lectionary
  • Change the font to 20 pt. APHONE, Red Change Paragraph Indents and Spacing to Before = 0 pt. After = 12 pt.
  • Tab the page number out to the right margin
  • Save the page with file name Lectionary page Week e.g. "115 Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time"