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Proclaiming the gospel in the United States

Chapter 2. Catechesis within the church's mission of evangelization

20. Tasks of Catechesis

  1. Catechesis Promotes Knowledge of the Faith
  2. Catechesis Promotes Knowledge of the Meaning of Liturgy and the Sacraments
  3. Task Three: Catechesis Promotes Moral Formation in Jesus Christ
  4. Catechesis Teaches the Christian How to Pray with Christ
  5. Catechesis Prepares the Christian to Live in Community and to Participate Actively in the Life and Mission of the Church
  6. Catechesis Promotes a Missionary Spirit that Prepares the Faithful to be Present as Christians in Society

This is our faith; this is the faith of the church

Chapter 4 Divine and human methodology

27. Introduction

This chapter describes God's self-revelation in Christ and through the Spirit as the norm for all catechetical methodology.

28. God's Own Methodology

  • God's Revelation is the self-disclosure of the loving communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan.
  • God's self-communication is realized gradually through his actions and his words. It It is most fully achieved in the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.
A. The Pedagogy of God
  • the Church confesses "one God and Father from whom all things are, and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom all things are, and one Holy Spirit in whom all things are."
  • 1. The Father
  • 2. Jesus Christ
    • Christ's relationship with his disciples also reveals God's own methodology as the model for all catechetical methods. In a sign of basic human affirmation, Jesus chose his apostles; they did not choose him. He established a bond of friendship with them that was the context for his teaching.
    • Christ's methodology was multi-dimensional. It included his words, his signs, and the wonders he worked.
  • 3. The Holy Spirit
  • 4. The Church

29. Elements of Human Methodology

29. Elements of Human Methodology

Catechesis in a worshiping community

Catechesis for life in Christ

Chapter 7. Catechizing the people of God in diverse settings

48. Catechesis According to Readiness and Age Levels

  • A. Adult Catechesis
  • B. Catechesis of the Elderly
  • C. Catechesis of Young Adults
  • D. Catechesis for Adolescents
  • E. Catechesis of Infants and Children

49. Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities

Those who catechize

Organizing catechetical ministry

Resources for catechesis


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