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Title: The Truth of Catholicism

Author: George Weigel

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What does being a Catholic mean? Is there a distinctively Catholic way of seeing things? What does the Catholic Church teach about the human condition -- about our lives, our loves, and our destiny? In The Truth of Catholicism, best-selling author George Weigel explores these perennial questions through the prism of ten contemporary controversies.

The Catholic Church may be the most controversial institution in the world. Some find its teachings inexplicable, puzzling, even cruel. George Weigel suggests that we look at Catholicism and its controversies from "inside" the convictions that make those controversies not only possible, but necessary The truths of Catholicism then come into clearer focus as affirmations and celebrations of human life and human love, even as they challenge us to imagine a daring future for humanity and for ourselves.

Is Jesus uniquely the savior of the world? Does belief in God limit our freedom? What are we doing when we pray? Is the moral life about rules or about happiness? Doesn't suffering contradict the biblical claim that God is good? How does the Catholic Church think about other Christians and about other great world religions? Are Catholics safe for democracy? What will become of us? In an engaging, accessible style, George Weigel leads us through these and other questions into the truth of Catholicism: the truth about a God passionately in love with his creation, the truth about a love that creates a vast, liberating terrain on which to live a fully human life.


An Invitation to Come Inside 1

1. Is Jesus the Only Savior? Christ and the Conquest of Our Fears 5

  • The Two Things Jesus Reveals 7
  • Getting the Story Straight 10
  • An Outrage? 13
  • Living Beyond Fear 16

2. Does Belief in God Demean Us? Liberation and the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus 19

  • God: Fatherhood and Mercy 27
  • The Trinity 29
  • God Beyond "Spirituality" 32

3. Liberal Church? Conservative Church? Why Catholicism Is Not a "Denomination," and What That Means 35

  • The Church as a "Communion" 40
  • Called and Sent 43
  • Formed in the Image of Mary 45
  • Archaeology Teaches a Lesson 47
  • Liberating Doctrine 50

4. Where Do We Find the "Real World"? Liturgy and the Extraordinary Ordinary 53

  • "Shining from Shook Foil" 56
  • God's Work 59
  • Prayer and God's Thirst for Us 69

5. How Should We Live? The Moral Life and the Laws That Liberate 72

  • Fitness for Beatitude 76
  • Freedom for Excellence 77
  • The Law That Liberates 80
  • Conscience and the Primacy of Truth 83
  • But What About Compassion? 87
  • A Word About Confession 89

6. How Should We Love? Celebrating the Gift of Sex 92

  • What Sex Teaches Us About Ourselves 95
  • What Sex Teaches Us About God 98
  • Is It Just Too Much? 103
  • Engaging the Issues 104

7. Why Do We Suffer? Redeeming the World and Its Pain 112

  • Redemptive Suffering 117
  • Weakness and Strength 120
  • The Vocation of Suffering 123
  • The Final Act 125

8. What About the Rest of the World? Other Christians, Other Religions 127

  • Christ Creates Unity 131
  • Christians and Jews: A Divinely Mandated Entanglement 137
  • Who Is Saved? How? 143
  • Why Bother with Missions? 146

9. Is Catholicism Safe for Democracy? Living Freedom for Excellence in Public 150

  • Making Democrats 154
  • The Foundations of the House of Freedom 157
  • The Life Issues: Abortion and Euthanasia 161

10. What Will Become of Us? Saints and the Human Future 168

  • St. Everyone 171
  • Prime Numbers, and the Rest of Us 174
  • Miracles and Modernity 177
  • A Choice of Worlds 179

Notes 181

Acknowledgments 195

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