The Scripture Source Book for Catholics, Peter Klein

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Author: Peter Klein

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The Scripture Soure Book is a collection of information about scripture gathered to help people of faith learn about the Catholic understanding and interpretation of scripture and enrich their lives through reflection on the word of God."



"Let your Word, Father be a lamp for our feet and a light to our path, so that we may understand what you wish to teach us and follow the path that your light marks out for us." Your Word is a lamp for my steps and a light for my path. (LOH Wednesday week 3 daytime prayer PS 119:105)

Chapter 1 Word of God

It pleased God, in his goodness and wisdom, to reveal himself and to make know the mystery of his will. cf. Eph. 1:9 ... that we may become sharers in the divine nature. cf. Eph. 2:18

Chapter 1 Word of God

  • Revelation
    • Word -
    • Christ
    • Preaching
    • Scripture
    • Five Stages of Revelation outlined in the Catechism
      1. From the very beginning
      2. The Covenant with Noah
      3. The call of Abraham
      4. The formation of Israel
      5. The incarnation of the Son of God
  • Inspiration
    • Inspiration literally means "to breath into".
    • Inspiration theologically means "to communicate or suggest by divine influence".
    • Scripture is the word of God in human language. "Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit (Dei Verbum #9)
    • The divinely revealed realities, which are contained and presented in the text of Sacred Scripture, have been written down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (Dei Verbum #11)
    • Not Divine Dictation

Chapter 2 Words of people

  • The Cannon of Scripture
    • It was by the apostolic Tradition that the Church discerned which writings are to be included in the list of the sacred books (CCC 120).
    • The Greek word kanon comes from the Semitic word meaning "reed", a measuring stick, used by carpenters and masons. A standard or a norm.
    • Protocanonical (first cannon)
    • Duterocanonical (second cannon) books.
      • Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2, Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach and Baruch and sections of Esther and Daniel.
      • It does not mean the books are less inspired than those in the first cannon.
      • These Jewish books, uniquely were preserved in Greek, not in Hebrew or Armamaic.
      • The Greek translation of the old Testament known as the Septuagint was done by the Jews before the time of Christ and was commonly accepted as the Bible of the Early Church
      • St. Jerome, in the fifth century, included the deutercanonical books in the Vulgate (his latin translation of the Septuagint and the Greek New Testament).
    • The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947-1956) supports the view that there was no uniformity among Jews in the first century BC and the first century AD about the books in the cannon.
    • The councils of Hippo in 393, Carthage III in 397, and Carthage IV in 419 plus a letter of Pope Innocent I in 405, all agreed on the canon of 46 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the new.
    • In 1546 the Council of Trent, responding to the Protestant questioning, promulgated a statement "so that no doubt may reman as to which books are recognized," that listed the 73 books in the Bible are sacred and cononical and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 3 Book of covenants

Chapter 4 Journal of God’s people

Chapter 5 Words of the liturgy

Chapter 6 Prayer book of the church

Chapter 7 Light of the faithful

Appendices. The four-fold sense of scripture ; Figures of speech in Scripture ; Words & phrases with a scriptural origin or allusion ; A history of the translation of Scripture into English.

Other facts

  • Used for: RCIA class on Scripture
  • Purchased: April 2013

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