The sacraments historical foundation liturgical theology Irwin

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Title: The sacraments historical foundation liturgical theology

Author: Kevin W. Irwin

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  • How to understand the sacraments
  • History -- Scriptural foundations
  • Age of the martyrs
  • Patristic period
  • Early medieval period
  • Scholastic period
  • Reformation and the Council of Trent
  • Trent to twentieth century
  • Vatican II
  • Method
  • Liturgical sacramental theology: precedents and present rites
  • Liturgical sacramental method and agenda
  • Theology

11. Sacramentality

  • A Sacramental Worldview
    • Sacramentality is based on the belief that in the goodness of creation and the engagement of humans in the act of honoring God and in growing in sanctification through the celebration of (sacramental) liturgy. Sacramentality is also based on the value of human labor and productivity (see chapter 12). While on the one hand the act of liturgy takes us out of the every day world in order to worship God in a ritualized way, on the other either directly from creation or from "the work of human hands"; therefore the act of liturgy engages us to see the world and all that dwells in it as revelations of the glory of God.
    • Sacramentality is a worldview, a way of looking at life, a way of thinking and acting in the world that values and reveres the world. Sacramentality acts as a prism, a theological lens through which we view creation and all that is on this good earth as as revelations s of G presence and action among us here and now. The premise The premise of sacra- mentality means that in fact we do not live in "two different worlds," the sacred and the secular, but that we live in one graced world named "good" by God in Genesis 1:3. At the same time, this principle admits that there are moments of particular sacrality in the liturgy that enable as to experience the divine in the human and on this good earth by the use of things and actions from daily life, such as dining and bathing, to worship God. Sacramentality is a worldview that invites us to be immersed fully in the here and now, on this good earth, and not to shun matter or avoid the challenges that such earthiness will require of us, even as we pray through liturgy and sacraments (and other means) to enter into heaven when this earthly pilgrimage has ended. (p. 210)
  • Tethered Multivalence i.e.
    • Multivalence or polyvalence means having many things

Humans and human work.

  • Word enacted
  • Prayer events
  • Experiences of the Trinity
  • Paschal memorial
  • Communion
  • Already and not yet
  • Sacramental celebration is sacramental theology.

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